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Surayi Ukde Polo

Surayi Ukde Polo

This is a traditional recipe from GSB Konkani households. As the name suggests the dosa has both white rice(surayi) and boiled rice(ukde) and is usually served with jaggery syrup. Mom says it is good to fight against the problems caused because of the intestinal worms(dantu).

Ingredients required-

  1. Dosa rice – 1 cup
  2. Boiled rice – 1 cup
  3. Grated coconut – about 5 tsp
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Water
  6. Jaggery
  7. Water
  8. Oil- for frying

Method of preparation –

  • First wash and soak equal proportion of dosa rice and boiled rice for 5-6hrs
  • Next grind them along with grated coconut and water. Let the batter be thick
  • Keep overnight for fermentation
  • Next day add salt and prepare small dosa (4 small dosas on the pan), add oil as per need for frying
  • Fry them on medium flame for little longer, they turn crispy and golden
  • Meanwhile prepare jaggery syrup by adding very little water to jaggery in a pan.
  • Cook till it attains 1 string consistency

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Kirlel Mooga / Sprouted Green Gram Ghashi

Sprouted Greengram Ghashi(With hogplums and kook)

Kirlel Mooga Ghashi is prepared on the day of Utthana Dwadashi which is also celebrated as Tulasi Pooja in the GSB Konkani Community households. After day long fasting on Ekadashi, most people prepare Godi Surnali and Ekpani Chutney for the breakfast and Kirlele Mooga Ghashi for lunch. Sprouted Moong has amazing health benefits also once a priest also told us it symbolizes growth when they sprout. So we keep using them in preparation of Usli or salads.

Along with Moong we have to add a root/tuber vegetable such as Yam(Surnu) or kook. In this recipe we have used Kook. Also if we can using souring agents such as Hogplums(ambado) or bimbuli depending on season and availability. If those are not available we can add a small piece of tamarind.

Ingredients required –

  1. Green gram – 250grms(1pav)
  2. Coconut – 1 medium size
  3. Red chilly – 5-6
  4. Tamarind/Hogplums/Bimbul
  5. Yam or Kook
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Mustrad
  8. Curry leaves
  9. Oil – 2tsp

Method of preparation –

Mooga Ghashi with Yam(Surnu)
  • As a first step soak the greengram in water 2 nights before the day you want to prepare this curry.
  • Next morning drain the water and you can either tie the moong in a cloth or just cover and keep.
  • By night it will start sprouting. Night again add water and keep.
  • Next day morning drain the water and it is ready to use. This may vary with weather and season.
  • Next clean and make pieces of Yam or kook which will be added as ‘Bharshi’ (the other item which is added with sprouts)
  • Now add moong as well as yam/kook to the vessel and add water, allow them to cook well.
  • Meantime prepare a masala with grated coconut and red chilly, if hogplums or bimbul is not added add a piece of tamarind.
  • Once moong is cooked add salt to taste and mix once
  • Next add the masala and required water.
  • Finally add a tadka of mustard and curry leaves in cooking oil.

Also please refer Godi Surnali recipe.

    Lunch Side Dish

    Gulla(brinjal) Puddi Sagle

    Gulla Puddi Sagle

    A powdered(puddi) masala is filled in whole(sagle) brinjal. Hence the name. It is usually prepared using mattu gulla(a famous variety of Brinjal available in coastal Karnataka region). Now it is not in the season so we prepared using purple brinjal.

    Ingredients –

    1. Brinjal – 6-8
    2. Urad Dal – 2tsp + 1tsp
    3. Coriander seeds – 2tsp
    4. Coconut – half
    5. Tamarind – gooseberry sized piece
    6. Red chilly -6-7
    7. Salt – to taste
    8. Jaggery – lemon sized piece
    9. Oil – 3tsp
    10. Mustard seeds – 1tsp
    11. curry leaves
    12. Water – as required

    Steps to prepare are as below-

    •  Make horizontal and vertical cuts in the brinjal to make cavities to fill the masala. Keep them in water for sometime.
    •  Meanwhile roast 2tsp urad dal and 2tsp coriander seeds with little oil till aromatic.
    •  Next grind them with grated coconut(half), small piece of tamarind and red chilly(6-7). Add salt to taste and a piece of jaggery. Grind with minimum water.
    •  Now remove brinjal from water. Fill this masala in the cavities.
    •  In the pan take 3tsp oil. Add urad dal, mustard seeds and curry leaves to prepare a tampering.
    •  Keep these stuffed brinjal in the pan. Can add little water from cleaning mixie. This is optional. Since brinjal is kept in water, it will cook even without adding water.
    Lunch Salad Side Dish

    Taushe ulal/ Cucumber Salad

    Now it is the season of cucumber and we are preparing a number of dishes using this #veggie which has lots of water content. This is most widely used in salads and eaten raw. Here is a simple and quick side dish. There’s another way of preparing ulal where a masala is ground and added. We prepare this as explained below-

    1. Cucumber – 1 medium
    2. Coconut – 1/4
    3. Salt – to taste
    4. Oil – 2tsp
    5. Mustard -1/2tsp
    6. Curry leaves
    7. Urad dal -1/2tsp
    8. Hing – pinch
    9. Red chilly -1
    10. Green chilly -1
    11. ginger – small piece

    Taushe Ulal / Cucumber Salad
    •  Cut cucumber into very tiny pieces. If it is a mature one you may remove skin n seeds as they might be bitter. Tender ones will be a little sweet.
    •  Also finely chop a small piece of ginger and 1 green chilly.
    •  Grate 1/4 Coconut.
    •  Mix all the above and add salt to taste.
    •  Now prepare a tadka/tampering with oil, mustard, curry leaves, urad dal, hing and one red chilly.
    •  Add the tadka and mix well.
    • Preferably prepare this just before serving else cucumber will release water.