About me

Hi, I am Asha Shenoy a Software engineer by profession based in Mangalore. My fields of interest are cooking, gardening, reading and writing.

The love for cooking started because of my family. My mother is very good at preparing traditional Konkani recipes. Also she always tries her hand on new recipes which we come across. This traditional and experimental approach towards cooking has been inherited by me and my siblings. We try to learn traditional recipes as well as try to explore new recipes from the internet with her guidance 🙂 Once I got married I started preparing many more dishes and tried them in different ways. My husband too encourages me to cook something new and helps in reviewing my posts and provides honest feedback about new recipes.

Gardening is another favorite family hobby. We try to collect as many plants(flowers, vegetables, herbs etc), learn about them and grow them. This hobby has helped us to explore some new and rare ingredients and their health benefits.

Reading and writing hobby made me land up here 🙂 This blog is to document my cooking experiences, recipes which I have learnt as well as a few which I have developed. It all started with a Instagram page to document my recipes which I had prepared either by asking mom or going through different sites. I wanted to note down my final version of the dish so that I don’t have to do all the research once again when I prepare it next time. Eventually I found that it can be helpful for others as well so I decided to note them down in a organised manner in the form of a blog!

I met a lot of like minded people on internet who opened a new way of thinking for me towards food. I started thinking about few things which our elders had it as part of their life but today we have to make conscious efforts to make them part of our life. Few such things are – sustainable living, zero waste, supporting local stuff, eating more seasonal food, saying no to packaged food.

It is a journey to continue. I will continue to write about these things. If you would like to be a part of this journey and learn new things do follow me 🙂

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