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Kirlele Mooga(Sprouted Moong) Usli

Kirlele Mooga( Sprouted Moong) Usli

This one is a traditional breakfast recipe of Udupi/Mangalore region. Sprouted moong usli is paired with poha and it makes a filling breakfast during any function.

The Sprouted moong is a natural coolant for this scorching summer also it is loaded with nutrients, good for weight management, diabetes and blood pressure management.

Also you can store the water used for boiling the moong and prepare saaru using the same.

Ingredients required-

  1. Green gram- 1 cup
  2. Green chilly-4-5
  3. Mustard- 1tsp
  4. Curry leaves – 1strand
  5. Jaggery- lemon sized piece
  6. Grated coconut- 5 tsp
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Oil – 2tsp
  9. Red chilly – 1
  10. Hing – a pinch
  11. Onion- 1 medium

Method of preparation-

  • I usually soak the moong in the morning
  • In the night I drain the water and keep it covered
  • Next day In the morning moong will sprout
  • Then add about 3 cups of water and cook it. If you want the usli to be mushy cook in pressure cooker for 1 whistle. Else cook in a vessel for 10-15min till it turns soft
  • Once done drain the water and keep aside
  • Now take a kadai and add oil. Prepare tadka by adding mustard, curry leaves, red chilly.
  • Then add onion and fry for 2min. Next add cut green chillies.
  • Next add grated coconut, salt and jaggery and hing. Adding jaggery is optional.
  • Finally add the green gram and mix well. Simmer the gas and cook for 2min.

Note –

  • The water from cooking the moong can be used in making saaru by adding salt and green chilly. Add a tadka of garlic in oil.
  • Also if you are preparing for fasting days skip the onion
  • The usli can be prepared without sprouting the green gram as well.
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Kirlel Mooga / Sprouted Green Gram Ghashi

Sprouted Greengram Ghashi(With hogplums and kook)

Kirlel Mooga Ghashi is prepared on the day of Utthana Dwadashi which is also celebrated as Tulasi Pooja in the GSB Konkani Community households. After day long fasting on Ekadashi, most people prepare Godi Surnali and Ekpani Chutney for the breakfast and Kirlele Mooga Ghashi for lunch. Sprouted Moong has amazing health benefits also once a priest also told us it symbolizes growth when they sprout. So we keep using them in preparation of Usli or salads.

Along with Moong we have to add a root/tuber vegetable such as Yam(Surnu) or kook. In this recipe we have used Kook. Also if we can using souring agents such as Hogplums(ambado) or bimbuli depending on season and availability. If those are not available we can add a small piece of tamarind.

Ingredients required –

  1. Green gram – 250grms(1pav)
  2. Coconut – 1 medium size
  3. Red chilly – 5-6
  4. Tamarind/Hogplums/Bimbul
  5. Yam or Kook
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Mustrad
  8. Curry leaves
  9. Oil – 2tsp

Method of preparation –

Mooga Ghashi with Yam(Surnu)
  • As a first step soak the greengram in water 2 nights before the day you want to prepare this curry.
  • Next morning drain the water and you can either tie the moong in a cloth or just cover and keep.
  • By night it will start sprouting. Night again add water and keep.
  • Next day morning drain the water and it is ready to use. This may vary with weather and season.
  • Next clean and make pieces of Yam or kook which will be added as ‘Bharshi’ (the other item which is added with sprouts)
  • Now add moong as well as yam/kook to the vessel and add water, allow them to cook well.
  • Meantime prepare a masala with grated coconut and red chilly, if hogplums or bimbul is not added add a piece of tamarind.
  • Once moong is cooked add salt to taste and mix once
  • Next add the masala and required water.
  • Finally add a tadka of mustard and curry leaves in cooking oil.

Also please refer Godi Surnali recipe.