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Sabudana Vada

Sabudana Vada

One of the popular dish which is prepared during fasting. When mom mentioned about tasting it somewhere I vaguely remembered consuming it and it’s taste. Decided to give it a try. When I saw the ingredients list it felt more of a feasting dish than fasting dish πŸ˜… definitely a lip smacking and easy recipe but not very healthy one! I refered a lot of recipes online and prepared it within the available time ingredients. I feel the quality of sabudana also affects the texture of vadas. Once I got a variety of sabudana which turned soggy n sticky as I soaked it. This one we got from dmart it retained the pearl texture as it swell during soaking. So take care of this point if you will be trying it for the first time like me😁

Ingredients required :

Sabhdana – about 1 cup

  1. Sabudana – about 1 cup
  2. Boiled potatoes – 4 (medium size)
  3. Jeera – 1tsp
  4. Green chilli – 3-4(depending on spicy level required)
  5. Ginger – a small piece
  6. Coriander leaves
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Oil for deep frying

Method of preparation :

  • Soak the sabudana for about 2hrs. You can soak it for about 4hrs but I felt it had become soft enough to use in 2hrs so went ahead.
  • Also boil, peel and mash the potatoes
  • Drain all the water from sabudana and keep it aside
  • Cut ginger, green chilli and coriander leaves into small pieces.
  • Now take a mixing bowl. Add the sabudana, mashed potatoes, ginger, green chilli, coriander leaves, salt.
  • Mix well until everything is combined well and vadas can be made from it.
  • We have to use just enough potatoes to bind everything together.
  • Now make small vadas from the mixture
  • Meanwhile heat the oil. Once it is hot, deep fry the vadas on medium flame.
  • Fry till they turn golden brown.
  • Serve them hot with coriander chutney or tomato sauce.

Notes :

  • We can use fried, peeled and crushed peanuts for extra crunch.
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Godi Surnali

Godi(sweet) Surnali

This dosa is liked by many because it is sweet and usually had hot with a dollop of butter on top. I like it for its rich yellow color and the porous texture. This is mostly prepared on the Uthana dwadashi which is also the day of Tulasi Pooja. My way of preparing this dosa is as below.

Ingredients required-

  1. Dosa rice – 1 cup
  2. Poha – 1/2 cup
  3. Jaggery – 1/3 cup
  4. Salt – 1/4 tsp
  5. Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp
  6. Fenugreek seeds – 1/4tsp
  7. Oil – for frying

Method of preparation-

  • Soak the dosa rice for about 3-4hrs along with Fenugreek (methi) seeds
  • Wash and clean this and grind to a fine paste.
  • Now rinse the poha(i have used thin poha) and grind along with jaggery.
  • Mix everything and keep overnight for fermentation
  • Next morning add salt and turmeric powder and mix well.
  • Spread a thick layer of batter on a hot tawa and add oil .
  • Cook it on medium flame. Since it is a thick porous dosa we don’t flip it. It is cooked from one side only.

Also please refer this recipe for Kirlele Mooga Ghashi(sprouted moong ghashi) which is prepared on Tulsi Pooja day.

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Tomato Saaru

Tomato saaru / Saaru powder

There are a number of ways in which saaru is prepared. Different communities and even households have their own recipe as per their liking. Sharing here the recipe of saaru powder which we prepare and store for about a month.

Ingredients required-

For Saaru powder –

  1. Coriander seeds – 2tsp
  2. Methi seeds – 2tsp
  3. Jeera – 2tsp
  4. Chana dal – 5tsp
  5. Urad dal- 5tsp
  6. Toor dal – 5tsp
  7. Hing- a big piece
  8. Curry leaves- fist ful(4-5 strands)
  9. Byadagi red chilly-8-10

For saaru –

  1. Water -3 glass
  2. Ripe tomato-1
  3. Green chilly -3-4
  4. Tamarind- lemon sized
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Coriander leaves
  7. Mustard- 1tso
  8. Curry leaves- 1 strand
  9. Red chilly- 1
  10. Coconut oil – 2tsp

Method of preparation-

  • Dry roast all the items under Saaru powder till aromatic on medium flame.
  • Powder it, cool and store in a air tight container
  • To prepare saaru, to a vessel add finely chopped tomatoes, slit green chilly and water.
  • Boil it. Also add the extract of tamarind after soaking it in water.
  • Now add about 5tsp of above powder, salt to taste and cook for another 10min
  • Finally add chopped coriander leaves
  • Add a tadka of mustard, curry leaves and cut red chilly in coconut oil.

Note : A small piece of jaggery also can be added.

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Kadgi Chakko

Kadgi Chakko

This dish is prepared when tender most jackfruit is available. So i can say it is one of the first dishes we make when jackfruit season starts because we can prepare ghashi, koddel etc even after it is grown a bit(bikkand starts forming). Being a kadgi fan this one is my favorite dish too.

Ingredients required:

  1. Jack fruit
  2. Mustard seeds – 1tsp
  3. Curry leaves- 2-3 strands
  4. Urad dal -1.5tsp
  5. Coconut oil – 3tsp
  6. Urad dal – 2tsp(for masala)
  7. Coriander seeds- 2tsp
  8. Coconut- half
  9. Roasted red chilies- 6-7
  10. Tamarind- gooseberry size
  11. Jaggery- lemon sized
  12. Salt to taste

Method of preparation-

  • Cut the jackfruit remove skin and inner hard part(maavu)
  • Make tiny pieces of it
  • Take a heavy bottom pan and add oil
  • Add urad dal, mustard and curry leaves to prepare tadka
  • Then add jackfruit and add required water and cook till it becomes soft. Time may vary depending on jackfruit
  • Meanwhile roast urad dal and coriander seeds with little oil
  • To this add Coconut, tamarind and red chilly and prepare a coarse masala
  • Once jackfruit is cooked add the masala and jaggery and salt to taste.
  • Cook for 5-10 min or till raw smell of masala goes away.
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Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun

We have 2 birthdays in January and February within a span of 15days. So before ordering cakes for birthday became a trend we always bought gulab jamun as the birthday sweet for 2 reasons. 1 it is not prepared always, so special sweet. 2nd most brands have buy 1 get 1 free offer so it was perfect for us to use in 2 occasions 😁 since it is read the instructions on the pack and prepare business its always given to me but I always messed up! Jamuns never became perfect until 1 day when my mom wasn’t well and I prepared it in hurry. That day I learnt few of my mistakes and corrected them. When we prepare something in hurry usually it becomes tasty as perfect right?

Ingredients required-

  1. Gulab Jamun mix – 1pack
  2. Water – about 1/2 glass
  3. Oil – for deep frying
  4. Sugar – 2cup
  5. Water – 2 cup
  6. Cardamom- 1

Method of preparation-

  • Empty the entire pack into a vessel and add water little by little while mixing
  • Continue till you get a soft dough. Make sure to add enough water else jamun will crack while frying if it is too dry.
  • Heat the oil and once hot, turn flame to medium
  • Add few jamuns and fry with continuous stirring. If flame is high it will turn brown from outside and will not cook inside.
  • Keep the fried jamuns for cooling
  • Meanwhile take the water and sugar to prepare a sugar syrup. Cook for about 15min till you get the syrup. Add crushed cardamom.
  • Once this is ready allow to cool.
  • Finally mix cooled jamun to cooled sugar syrup and allow to rest for about 1hr. Cooling is important to prevent cracking of jamuns. I always used to add hot jamun to hot sugar syrup and that was biggest mistake.
  • Garnish with chopped almonds while serving.

Note :

You can fry the jamoons in ghee but if you are planning to refrigerate, they might turn little hard.