Lunch OnePot pulav Salad

Mint Pulav

Mint/Pudina Pulav

I like to prepare Pulav in Different ways. It amazes me how with each ingredient this rice dish varies in taste and texture. Also there are numerous ways to prepare it. Its a dream to try as many pulav recipes and have a collection of them. This mint pulav is flavourful and my husband says gives him biryani feeling. Well that’s another confusion I have. The similarities and differences between pulav and biryani. So much to learn and explore! For now sharing the recipe of my pudina pulav.

Ingredients required-

  1. Mint leaves- 1 cup
  2. Green chilly- 2
  3. Ginger- small piece
  4. Garlic- 8-10 pods
  5. Oil – 3tsp
  6. Ghee – 2tsp
  7. Onion – 1big
  8. Baby corn – 2-3
  9. Green peas- 1/4 cup
  10. Turmeric powder- 1/4tsp
  11. Garam masala – 3tsp
  12. Chilly powder – about 3tsp
  13. Salt to taste
  14. Coriander leaves
  15. Basmati rice – 1cup

Method of preparation-

  • Firstly separate mint leaves from the stalk and clean them.
  • Add them to mixie along with green chilly, ginger and garlic. You can add roasted whole spices at this stage and reduce or skip garam masala.
  • Grind it to a fine paste
  • Take a pressure cooker and add oil and ghee
  • Add roughly chopped onion and fry for 2min.
  • Now add the baby corn and green peas. You can also add diced potatoes, capsicum and other veggies of choice. I decided to keep it simple.
  • Saute the vegetables for a min. And then add the masala paste and mix well.
  • Now add washed basmati rice. I haven’t soaked it.
  • Then add salt, chilly powder (you can vary it based on tolerance), garam masala and turmeric powder. Give a good mix so that rice is coated with masalas.
  • Add water such that everything is just immersed. Adding more water may make it mushy.
  • Now cover the lid and cook for 1 whistle.
  • Allow the pressure to settle naturally and open the lid.
  • Add coriander leaves and mix well.
  • Keep aside for 10min and then enjoy it along with cucumber raita.

I have paired it with cucumber raita and roasted potatoes.

Lunch Salad Side Dish

Taushe ulal/ Cucumber Salad

Now it is the season of cucumber and we are preparing a number of dishes using this #veggie which has lots of water content. This is most widely used in salads and eaten raw. Here is a simple and quick side dish. There’s another way of preparing ulal where a masala is ground and added. We prepare this as explained below-

1. Cucumber – 1 medium
2. Coconut – 1/4
3. Salt – to taste
4. Oil – 2tsp
5. Mustard -1/2tsp
6. Curry leaves
7. Urad dal -1/2tsp
8. Hing – pinch
9. Red chilly -1
10. Green chilly -1
11. ginger – small piece

Taushe Ulal / Cucumber Salad
  •  Cut cucumber into very tiny pieces. If it is a mature one you may remove skin n seeds as they might be bitter. Tender ones will be a little sweet.
  •  Also finely chop a small piece of ginger and 1 green chilly.
  •  Grate 1/4 Coconut.
  •  Mix all the above and add salt to taste.
  •  Now prepare a tadka/tampering with oil, mustard, curry leaves, urad dal, hing and one red chilly.
  •  Add the tadka and mix well.
  • Preferably prepare this just before serving else cucumber will release water.