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Kadgi Phodi

Kadgi Phodi /Raw jackfruit fritters

I love raw jackfruit(kadgi) very much. I actually like it more than ripe ones. So when we get kadgi, we cut them, cook and store in refrigerator to prepare various dishes such as chakko, koddel, phodi and nonche. This was the first kadgi for this year and today was phodi day😁

Ingredients required-

  1. Red chilly – about 10
  2. Coriander seeds – 1/2tsp
  3. Garlic -10-15
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Oil – for shallow frying
  6. Rava – for coating

Method of preparation –

  • Remove the skin of raw jackfruit and cut them into thin slices. Wash them clean.
  • Next with little water cook them. You can either pressure cook or cook in a vessel. Cooking time may vary depending on the quality of the jackfruit.
  • Once cooked cool and apply little salt.
  • Prepare a masala paste by using red chilly soaked in hot water(for about 30min), coriander seeds, garlic and salt.
  • Soaking red chilly makes it easy to grind. Let the paste be thick. You can use the water from Soaking chilly while preparing paste.
  • Apply the masala paste to the kadgi slices and coat it with rava.
  • Heat the tawa and fry them on both the sides by applying little oil.
Lunch thali

Our lunch thali today. It has –

  • Boiled rice
  • Amaranthus leaves/ bhajji bendi
  • Mattu gulla puddi sagle
  • Kadgi phodi
  • Urad papad
  • Mango pickle

Breakfast chutney Dosa

Mint / Pudina Chutney

Mint / Pudina Chutney

I have always been ignorant about chutney. I used to eat dosa or idli with the curry more than with chutney. I have always passed that bowl of chutney which comes with masala dosa😁 Only after I got married I thought about chutney seriously as my husband equally admires chutney as much as dosa!

Still I was not much interested in preparing it, and once or twice got from Boon. Though it served the purpose, getting both bili chutney and kempu chutney together was a bad idea and it remained and we struggled to finish it😅

This made me think as wasting food never makes me feel good. I thought of chutney as those people in our life whom we don’t consider as important yet they are significant part of our life. Same way chutney is that small part of any breakfast spread which adds lots of flavor and taste.

This also made me realize the person who gets the grocery or cooks the food at home has lots of influence on what the family eats! Example, I like green peas more and try to add it in as many dishes. I used to rarely prepare chutney because I dint like it. These are the small things which affects overall food habits of the family. Do you agree?

Thus finally when I started preparing chutney I started liking it. After all accepting small things can make life more joyful! I prepare different chutneys now, but favorite has been Pudina Chutney. I have always wasted the pudina bunch after preparing juice, but when I started preparing this, I am utilizing the mint leaves completely.

Ingredients required:

  1. Mint / Pudina leaves – 1 cup
  2. Freshly grated coconut – 1cup
  3. Ginger – small piece
  4. Tamarind- gooseberry size
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Green chilly- 1
  7. Oil – 2tsp
  8. Mustard- 1tsp
  9. Curry leaves- 1 strand
  10. Urad dal – 1tsp
  11. Red chilly – 1

Method of preparation-

  • In a mixi jar add mint leaves, Coconut, ginger, tamarind, salt, green chilly and grind to a fine paste along with a very little water.
  • Transfer it to a bowl and add water from cleaning the mixi.
  • Adjust water as per thickness required.
  • Prepare a tadka with mustard, curry leaves, urad dal, red chilly (cut into pieces) in oil(preferably Coconut oil)
  • Add to the chutney and mix well before serving.
festivefood konkanirecipe Snacks

Poha Chivda

Poha Chivda

A favorite snack item at home which we prepare often. There is a variety of thick poha available which is best for preparing chivda. If we use other varieties it may become soft soon. The measurements i have given here are rough ones. You can always vary it as per your taste. After all it is home made we have the liberty to customize it.

Ingredients required –

  1. Thick poha – 1.5cup
  2. Oil for frying
  3. Raisins – 5tsp
  4. Coconut pieces/kattoli-5tsp
  5. Ground nut – 5tsp
  6. Cashew- 5tsp
  7. Roasted gram/Putani -5tsp
  8. Sev – 1/4 cup
  9. Oil – 2tsp
  10. Mustard seeds – 1/2tsp
  11. Curry leaves – 3strands
  12. Red chilly- 2
  13. Turmeric powder – 1tsp
  14. Dry mango powder/amchur powder- 2tsp
  15. Salt to taste
  16. Sugar powder – about 4-5tsp

Method of preparation-

  • Prepare sev as explained in the previous post and take about half cup of it
  • Heat oil and fry the poha. Add little by little and keep gas in medium flame to avoid burning
  • In the same oil also fry ground nut and coconut pieces. It is best to use dry Coconut (khobre). You can also use fresh ones but may need more frying.
  • Now take a kadai and add oil. Once hot add mustard, red chilly cut into pieces.
  • Once it splutters add cashews and Raisins. Once it is roasted add putani.
  • Add coconut pieces and ground nuts as well.
  • Now add salt, sugar powder, turmeric powder and amchur powder. You can also add chilly powder.
  • Now add poha and sev. Mix very well keeping flame minimum.
  • Cool and store in air tight container.

Note :

Alternatively we can roast the poha instead of deep frying to make it more healthy. In such case thin poha can be used.

festivefood konkanirecipe Snacks

Sev / shavo /karo

Sev or shavo or karo as we call it in konkani, is a crispy snack which can be had as it is or it can be paired with uppittu(rullav), avalakki(phovu) or used in chats or preparation of chivda. We can prepare spicy as well as non spicy version.

Sev / shavo

Ingredients required –

  1. Besan / gram flour – about 2 cups
  2. Salt to taste
  3. Asafoetida/ hing – 1/4 tsp
  4. Carom seeds – 1/2 tsp
  5. Hot oil – about 8-10 tsp
  6. Oil – for deep frying
  7. Water
  8. Chilly powder – 2-3tsp

Method of preparation-

  • Sieve the gram flour and keep.
  • Now take about half cup water and to that add salt, chilly powder and hing
  • Mix well and add the gram flour
  • Kneed it well
  • Heat the oil and add to the dough little by little while kneeding
  • Once the dough comes together and doesn’t stick to hand it is done. It may take 8-10min.
  • Finally add the carom seeds and mix
  • Take the sev mould and add a small portion of the dough
  • Heat the oil and press the mould to prepare sev
  • Take care while ending each batch of sev to prevent lump formation. Gently shake the mould so that dough doesn’t form a lump at the end of the batch
  • Deep fry it till crispy and store in air tight container

Note :

  • Adding hot oil makes the sev crispy
  • Let the dough be soft and not too hard to help in making pressing easy
  • You can skip chilly powder if don’t want spicy sev
  • Different sizes of moulds can be used to prepare khara kaddi as well.
festivefood konkanirecipe Naivedyam sweets

Moong dal Sweet Khichidi

Moong dal sweet khichidi

Today is Shashti and this moong dal sweet khichidi will be prepared in konkani houses. Different people like to eat it in Different ways. Apart from the base recipe which I have shared here, we can add chopped dates (usually dates will be available during this time around) or while serving add chopped bananas. Or add some more ghee on top and enjoy it with udida polo.

Ingredients required –

  1. Moong dal – 1/2 cup
  2. Rice – 1/2 cup
  3. Jaggery – about 3/4 cup
  4. Grated coconut – 1/2 cup
  5. Ghee – 4-5tsp
  6. Cashews and Raisins
  7. Cardamom- 1

Method of preparation-

  • Take the moong dal and dry roast it till aromatic
  • Cool it completely and wash it along with the rice
  • Now take a pan and add this along with enough water for cooking.
  • When it is 75% cooked add jaggery and cardamom . You can increase jaggery if you like it more sweeter
  • Keep mixing and avoid burning .
  • Once everything is cooked add the grated coconut.
  • Mix and cook well for 5min more.
  • Once everything comes together n forms a lump add about 5tsp ghee. You can add more if you like.
  • Finally top it with cashews and raisins fried in ghee.