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Soye Khadi / Coconut Jaggery Burfi / Kobri Mithai

Soye Khadi / Kobri Mithai / Coconut Jaggery Burfi

My mom always makes sweets using coconut which is used for pooja such as vaina pooja. So from childhood itself it’s a practice of making this sweet using those coconuts after keeping it for some months of gowri pooja. As a child I was a bit ignorant about this one as I did not like sweets much. N of course less available bakery sweets were favorites during those days. But mom has continued it even now. Now being tired of bakery sweets or maybe bit scared to go out n get at present or after becoming health conscious 😉 hey we need not give so many reasons to prepare such delicious yet healthy sweet at home😝 so for all the sweet cravings after taking so many health related decisions during #lockdown, here is a #iron rich #jaggery based sweet. Below is how we prepared it –

Ingredients required –

  1. Dry Coconut/ Kopra – 1
  2. Jaggery – About 1 cup
  3. Ghee – about 5tsp
  4. Cardamom – 1
  5. Water

Method of preparation –

  • Firstly grate the dry coconut and powder it in mixie. If you like those chunks, you can avoid powdering
  • Take a heavy bottom pan add jaggery and very little water
  • Keep it for boiling. Continue cooking till 1 string consistency is attained
  • Now add one crushed cardamom.
  • Add the coconut powder and mix well
  • Once everything is mixed add the ghee
  • Once everything comes together switch off the gas. This may take 15 to 20min.
  • Grease a plate with ghee and spread it and cut when still hot
  • Allow to cool and store in air tight container.
Soye Khadi / Kobri Mithai / Coconut Jaggery Burfi

Note :

  • You can add fresh coconut as well but you might have to cook for more time.
  • Optionally you can add 2-3tsp roasted gram flour/besan
  • Also you can crush nuts such as cashews and almonds
  • Finally if the jaggery attains one string consistency the khadi becomes hard and stays well for some days. If you like fudge like khadi you can add coconut before jaggery attains one string consistency. This should be consumed within a week.