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Ghee Roast Batatambade

Ghee Roast Batatambade

Potato is something which goes well with most of the masalas and tastes amazing. So this time I tried to pair it with Ideal Ghee Roast Masala to create Ghee Roast Batatambade. This combination of 2 of Mangalores famous food items – Batatambade and Ghee roast tastes really good. It tastes even better when it’s wrapped in a news paper and banana leaf just like how it is served in our iconic carts in Mangalore.

Below are the ingredients required for the preparation –
1. Oil – 3tsp
2. Mustard – 1/2tsp
3. Curry leaves – 3-4 strands
4. Urad dal – 2tsp
5. Ideal ghee roast paste – about 3 spoon
6. Potatoes – about 5 medium sized
7. Coriander leaves
8. Salt

9. Gram flour – about 1cup
10. Water – about 1/2 cup
11. Salt to taste
12. Hing powder – 1/2 tsp
13. baking soda – 1/4tsp

Ghee roast Batatambade

Method of preparation –
1. First clean and pressure cook potatoes for 4 whistle
2. Once pressure is released peel and mash them
3. Take a pan, add oil, mustard,  urad dal and curry leaves. Once mustard splutters add ghee roast paste.
4. Fry it for a while till it melts completely
5. Switch off the gas and add the potatoes,  coriander leaves and add salt to taste.
6. Mix well and prepare small balls
7. Prepare a batter using gram flour (besan), water, salt , baking soda and hing. Let the batter be thick.
8. Keep the oil for deep frying. Once it is hot enough dip the potatoe balls in the batter and put it in oil
9. Fry them well.
10. Serve them hot with pieces of onion.

Do have a look at the short video on preparation-