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Broken wheat khichidi

Broken wheat khichidi

Khichdi is not something I grew up eating. But once I came across this recipe I prepare it regularly with rice and moong dal. I like to prepare it because it is balanced , easy to prepare and we prepare with as many or less items as per availability. Some days I add lots of veggies to the khichdi when they are available and some other day I prepare with just onion, tomato, ginger garlic. Both the ways it tastes good. I wanted to find alternative to rice so that I can prepare it for breakfast. Adding broken wheat/dalia/godhi cuts(kannada) made it taste good and was well accepted at home so now it is a regular in the breakfast menu. Here is my version of this khichdi.

Ingredients required-

  1. Broken wheat- 1/2cup
  2. Moong dal – 1/2 cup
  3. Oil – 3+2tsp
  4. Ginger- small piece
  5. Garlic – 10 cloves
  6. Carrot – 1
  7. Beans – 8-10
  8. Green peas – 1/4 cup
  9. Tomato- 1
  10. Salt to taste
  11. Turmeric powder- 1/4tsp
  12. Red chilly powder- 2tsp(can be adjusted as per spice level)
  13. Garam masala – 3tsp
  14. Red chilly- 1
  15. Jeera – 1/2tsp
  16. Hing- a pinch

Method of preparation-

  • First soak the moong dal and broken wheat for about 30min
  • Take the pressure cooker. Add 3tsp oil and then add finely chopped ginger and garlic.
  • Once they are fried next add the onions followed by tomatoes.
  • Once they are half fried add carrot and beans cut into big pieces. Also add fresh or cooked dry green peas.
  • Drain water and add the moong dal and dalia.
  • Now add salt, turmeric, chilly powder and garam masala.
  • Mix everything very well.
  • Add water little above the level of the mixture. Since this is prepared little liquidy we will add more water here.
  • Cover and cook for 2 whistles. Allow the pressure to escape naturally.
  • Now prepare a tadka of oil+ red chilly pieces + pinch of hing+ jeera+ chilly powder and pour over the khichdi.
  • Mix well and serve.

Note –

  • Replace broken wheat with rice to prepare rice and moong dal khichdi
  • It tastes best when served hot so I haven’t tried in lunch box
  • You can skip the veggies to prepare plain khichidi.